Why Us?

✔️ Made in Canada

✔️ 1-year no-risk guarantee

✔️ Competitively priced goods (20-30% cheaper than similar brands)

✔️ Ethically sourced wool and eco-conscious fibers like organic and recycled cotton

✔️ Wide range of styles and sizes


As a Canadian-owned and operated family business, The Great Canadian Sox Company knows the value of products made in Canada. Established in 1934, the company’s proud sock history started in the Canadian logging industry and carries on that tradition with J.B. Fields, its outdoor adventure brand which specializes in technical socks for hiking, work wear, and extremely cold weather.!

In 1988, Sunil Khimasia, and his brother, Bipin, bought The Great Canadian Sox Company, putting their strong textile business background to work. Sunil’s son, Sid, who had spent many summer breaks on the factory floor joined the family business full-time in 2008. Seeing the economic shift toward online sales, Sid led the company to open e-commerce stores on Amazon, eBay, and eventually His sister, Priyanka, joined the company in 2015 and opened the first retail store in Danforth, Toronto, soon followed by two more Toronto locations, as well as a Cambridge location.


The company, as a family business, is passionate about promoting outdoor lifestyles through walking, hiking, biking, running, mountaineering, and skiing/snowboarding. They know that cold weather and poor quality socks should never stop customers from leading healthy lifestyles or enjoying the great outdoors.

To ensure customers’ feet stay comfortable in the harshest conditions, The Great Canadian Sox Company uses only the highest quality materials manufactured with cutting edge technical features like reinforced heels and toes, arch and ankle support, as well as double cuff and ribbing.


With the mission to get people outside to enjoy nature, The Great Canadian Sox Company has partnered with The Trans Canada Trail to craft branded merino wool hiking socks to keep trail users' feet happy while exploring the great outdoors.

As a family company, the community is important to the Khimasia family, which regularly sponsors sock drives and donates socks to those in need.


1. Merino Wool

  • Merino Wool is a versatile fibre that wicks away moisture and keeps your feet dry, blister-free, and smelling great. Due to a lower micron width per strand, it is a finer type of wool without the itch. Our Merino Wool socks are one of our bestsellers! 

2. Bamboo

  • Extra light and breathable, bamboo is usually used to create rayon or faux silk products. Bamboo socks are antibacterial (so they won't smell!) which makes them great for sports or dress use. 

3. Coolmax

  • CoolMax is a brand of polyester. It is light and breathable. It is also hydrophobic, meaning it wicks moisture efficiently, keeping the feet dry. Check out our blog about CoolMax Socks 

4. Cotton

  • Cotton is a natural fibre that makes socks soft and breathable. They are great for people with sensitive feet or skin problems. The highest percentage cotton socks we manufacture in Canada are 98%, and 90%. We also sell fun patterned socks in combed cotton from Uptown and all the Good Luck Socks are 85% Cotton!

5. Cashmere

  • Cashmere wool, sourced from goats, is one of the finest wools on the market making these socks the softest we manufacture. From 10-30% cashmere they are blended with merino wool to be moisture wicking, temperature regulating and breathable. 

6. Eco Friendly Fibres

Cotton farming comes with serious environmental impacts, which is why we carry certain products which significantly reduce our ecological footprint. Our organic cotton fibers are grown without toxic chemicals and use methods to make the process more environmentally friendly. Organic cotton socks by JB Field's are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).


Whether spending the day curled up on the couch or heading out for a walk on the town these are the perfect blend of comfort and style.

This all-purpose sock can be worn year-round, featuring a timeless, classic look that will never go out of style. With 50% preshrunk wool, these socks are easy to care for, soft and wick moisture.